It is recommended some solution for some normal trouble shooting. Any inextricability problems should always be handling by the professional person. Disconnect the power supply before maintenance the light.

  1. LCD off
    1. Please check if install the suitable voltage
    2. Please check whether the led will reach the end of their life can explode; please replace a same description led.
    3. Please check if the power supply is enough.
    4. Please check whether the DMX 512 controller pass the “turn on” order.
  2. Though the light is lighting, but it couldn’t accept the control order:
    1. Please check the start code address and the function option are correct.
    2. Please check whether the communicate control cable is on good connection or the cable is too long or interrupt.
    3. Please check the control system is not valid, check the signal amplifier of chain connected is valid.
    4. Please check whether the communicate cable is too long or the other equipment is mutually conjugate.
    5. Please arrange the wire well, shorter the signal cable, put the high voltage cable and low voltage cable separately.
    6. Add the signal amplify isolator.
    7. Signal cable is used the excellent screening doublet (Resistance 75 OHM)
    8. The end of the light end and the end resistance.
  3. The light can’t move
    1. Please check if the power supply is suitable for the light voltage data.
    2. Please check the light if they are deformation, inside parts is broken, become wet etc will lead the loose contact.
    1. In order to ensure the projector could work normally. It should be kept clean always .The lens should also be regularly cleaned to maintain an optimum light output. Do not use any type of solvent on lens. It will damage the projector.
    2. Suggestion: The continu